Neural Activations Associated with Decision-time and Choice in a Milk Labeling Experiment


Publication Type:

Journal Article


American Journal of Agriculture Economics, Volume 98, Issue 1 (2015)



choices, cloning, decision time, fMRI, food labeling, growth hormone, milk, Neuroeconomics, prefrontal cortex


The authors incorporate brain activation data in an analysis of decision time and choices for milk labeled as produced with
growth hormone or cloning technologies, or labeled as conventional milk. Non-hypothetical choices and decision time are correlated
with blood oxygenation level-dependent extractions in brain regions previously found to be involved in valuation. The significance
of the activations related to price and production technology differs in models of decision time and choice. More areas influence
the time it takes to make a decision. The final decision appears to be most correlated with localized areas in the medial
prefrontal cortex, with a higher correlation when the choice is about growth hormones than cloning technology.