Magnetic brain stimulation proposal receives award


Ravi Hadimani, associate scientist and adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, recently was honored with an outreach award from the Topical Group on Magnetism and its Applications (GMAG), a sector of the American Physical Society. Hadimani’s proposal “Stimulation of Human Brain Using Magnetic Fields” was approved for financial support in the amount of $4,900.

“It’s nice that APS has recognized our work on brain stimulation as a topic the public needs to be aware of, especially school children,” said Hadimani.

Each year, Hadimani and his research group have organized and facilitated field trips for Boone Middle School students. These visits include a tour of the group’s labs on the ISU campus and lectures on the advances in magnetic stimulation given by the researchers. With increased funding, Hadimani hopes to make these experiences even more beneficial to the students in attendance. 

“We have been chosen for this award because our work on brain stimulation is exciting,” said Hadimani. “Our group has a great track record of outreach programs.”

In addition to his outreach work, Hadimani has research interests in biomagnetics and magnetic devices and materials. He is working on various projects in the Magnetics Research Group headed by Palmer Endowed Department Chair of ECpE, and Anson Marston Distinguished Professor David C. Jiles.

“I have been actively involved in the magnetic brain stimulation project at the department and part of the ISU BRAIN Initiative Team,” Hadimani said. “We are dedicated to developing new safe, non-invasive brain stimulation techniques to treat various brain disorders." 

Each year the GMAG Executive Committee receives numerous outreach proposals from all over the country. The committee reviews these proposals extensively and narrows the large number of submissions down to two.